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International Business & Introduction Brokers is an organization that unifies Immigration Agents, Immigration Lawyers, Business Brokers, Realtors, Franchisors and Recruitment agencies under the one roof. Our mission objective is to provide a peace of mind service that facilitates the whole process of the clients immigration, job search assistance, business/property search and introductions to organizations offering new country assistance. Please go to for an overview. Currently there are 300 participating agents who belong to the INBIB Exchange Board and Global Network. We are all seeking to help each other and where possible alliances and operational synergies can be formed which generate business in the fields of immigration, job placement, business/property search and re-location assistance.

Typically examples can be found when a client is seeking more than Immigration services, for example somebody seeking to enter Australia, USA, the UK or New Zealand on a Business visa will also need to find a business as part of the business visa criteria, therefore the client may need assistance with the business search and the introduction to an Australian, United States, United Kingdom or New Zealand Business broker and/or Real Estate Agent. You will find that some prospective business clients may wish to make the business decision before the immigration decision and this is an area INBIB can assist with. Immigration agents have the benefit of identifying another INBIB overseas agent, you are free to contact another INBIB agent and subject to your own agreement enter into a network arrangement. Typically an agent from India will need to be instructed on Australian, USA, United Kingdom or New Zealand immigration requirements and needs the assistance of a skilled or registered immigration Company of one of those countries who can assist clients with a "peace of mind" service from an accredited professional.

The site was launched 5 years ago and is now established in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. We are seeking suitably qualified immigration personnel and Business Brokers/Real Estate Agents to become members and enjoy the benefits offered by this unique exchange organization.

We are currently working on a new site for Canada and will be seeking shortly expressions of interest for a South African site later this year, presently our focus is on immigration to Australia, United States, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Similar to most Company immigration sites INBIB has its own immigration form which can be completed by prospective migrants and is submitted to us electronically. We will submit that form to our partner offices in the Country where the application has been lodged from, this system will be rotated so that sharing of enquiries is fair. As a member in our Office Partners menu there is also a high chance you will receive enquiries direct, especially from those people residing close to your office. We also have high rankings in search engines.

INBIB also encourages local immigration agents to establish networking with Business Brokers, Real Estate Agents and recruitment businesses, to that end we will provide brokers/real estate agents and recruiters a mission profile of INBIB and the benefits of being involved. This can have the benefit of the broker/realtor achieving an asset qualified sale, a skilled migrant acquiring a successful job placement and you getting the immigration business.

As members of the Immigration Industry we should all be seeking to open doors for new business. INBIB is an organization which identifies possible value added opportunities to your existing operation and the global pathways to succeed and a vehicle to possibly diversify or expand your current business model. There are special membership terms available and we encourage you to contact us for details.

International Business & Introduction Brokers are skilled in tailored packaging of the total process right through from immigration enquiry, recommended visa application, business introduction/purchase, job search assistance and relocation assistance to permanent residency therefore providing a smoother cultural and resettlement transition.

Please advise if you are interested in becoming an INBIB global network partner. Go to Member sign up or contact us if you have further questions.

INBIB's Major Missions

Emigration Fairs and World of Property Exhibitions

  • Skilled & Business Immigration advice
  • Employment/Job Search
  • Businesses for Sale/Investment Opportunities
  • Finance - House Hunting - Legal Matters
  • Removals
  • Destinations
  • Stands & Displays of Promotional Material
  • Assisting Provinces & Governments
  • Seminars
  • Re-location Assistance
  • Global Immigration Marketing
  • One-to-one Interviewing of Prospective Business Immigrants
  • 300 Overseas Offices
  • Head Offices: Australia, United States, the United Kingdom & New Zealand
  • Introductions to Member Business Brokers/Real Estate Agents
  • Top Advice and Information on:
         New Zealand
         South Africa
         USA, Europe & Canada

Everything you need to know about New Zealand immigration under the one roof!

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